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PONY International Softball World Series

Texas Bombers become PONY 14U Champions

The PONY International Softball World Series: Pony 14U Game Recap

The Texas Bombers of Houston won 4-0 over the Extreme Heat of Freeport in the Pony 14U Championship Game at the 2019 PONY International Softball World Series. Allison Lytle shut down Extreme Heat 14U, throwing a complete game shutout and leading Texas Bombers Gold Melton to a 4-0 victory on Saturday.

After an upset in the first game, the Bombers and the Heat played another game due to the Heat beating them by three runs. In that first game, Zoria Moreno and Kindra Lopez of the Heat all hit RBI’s that assisted them in winning a 5-2 game over the Bombers.

Extreme Heat 14U opened up scoring in the first inning of the first game. A sacrifice bunt made by Kindra Lopez scored one run for the heat.

Rebecca Duarte lasted five innings on the rubber for Extreme Heat. Duarte allowed four hits and two runs while striking out two and walking one.

Mallie West also stepped in the pitcher’s circle for the Bombers. She allowed five hits and five runs over four of the innings, striking out two hitters.

Abby Melton, Ally Mooneyham, Emma Pierce, and Mika Connors all had one hit that lead the Texas Bombers GOLD Melton.

Lopez of the Heat had two QAB’s and Rebecca Duarte had 13 first pitch strikes.

During the second and final game, the Bombers bounced back from their only defeat of the tournament.

Allison Lytle was in the circle for Texas Bombers GOLD Melton. She threw a complete game shutout that helped in leading the Bombers by four runs.

She surrendered zero runs on three hits over five innings, striking out one and walking zero. Lytle also had 13 first pitch strikes in the second game and a low WHIP of .60.

A sacrifice bunt made by Gracie Whitehead of the Bombers helped them score one run during the first inning.

A single made by Cristina Zuniga of Extreme Heat was a highlight from the first inning.

Alexis Nevarez of the Heat allowed two hits and two runs over two-thirds of an inning, walking zero.  Rebecca Duarte entered the game from the bullpen, throwing two and a third innings respectively.

Mallie West led the Bombers GOLD Melton with two hits in two at bats, with 3 QAB’s total. Gracie Whitehead, Mallie West, Angie DeLeon, and Emma Pierce all had RBI’s for the Bomber’s team.

The bombers hope to return next year to play again in the world series.

Texas Challengers become Colt 16U Champions

The PONY International Softball World Series: Colt 16U Game Recap

The Alvin Texas Challengers jumped out to an early lead and ran away with a 4-0 victory against the Georgetown Pride in the Colt 16U PONY International Softball World Series Championship Game. The Texas Challengers scored on a single by Allie Armstrong and a single by Chloe Foster in the first inning to put them on top.

Armstrong singled on a line drive to center field and Jordan Frederic scored after Armstrong advanced to 2nd on a throw.  Shelby Stone advanced to third and when Foster singled on a hard ground ball to a left fielder, Stone was able to score. At the end of the first inning, the score was 2-0.

Georgetown’s Eileigh Whyte hit a powerful single in the second inning on a ground ball to shortstop. Victoria Dohogne came in as a courtesy runner for Whyte. A double play occurred when Sierra Saucedo hit a ground ball to shortstop and got out at first base. Dohogne was put out at second and Saucedo at first base.

In the third inning Georgetown’s De’Avion Harris Collinson doubled on a line drive to a center fielder. At the top of the 3rd Stone hit a single on a line drive to center field. At the bottom of the third Shadow Sincross of Georgetown advanced to third thanks to Collinson’s hit. A strikeout ended the inning before Sincross could come across Homeplate.

The Challenger’s Jaelyn Nuncio stole 3rd, in play, at the top of the fifth after hitting a double on a line drive to left field. Shay Mintemayor hit a hard grounder and reached first base. Nuncio then scored making the score 3-) at the end of the fifth.

At the top of the sixth the Challenger’s Armstrong doubled on a line drive to left field. Amana Pollock advanced to third. Foster advanced to 2nd on defensive indifference, in play. Khori Bolton singled on a line drive to a left fielder, scoring Pollock. The game ended 4-0 after the sixth inning.

Whyte was also on the rubber for Georgetown. She allowed ten hits and four runs over six innings, striking out one and walking zero. She had 25 first pitch strikes.

Whyte and Collinson all had one hit to lead the Georgetown Pride.

The Texas Challengers totaled ten hits in the game. Nuncio, Armstrong, Stone, and Foster all managed multiple hits for the Challengers.

The Challengers hope to be back next year for the second annual PONY International Softball World Series.

STX Synergy become Palomino 18U Champions

The PONY International Softball World Series: Palomino 18U Game Recap

 STX Synergy took home a victory against Diamond Legacy after losing 10-0 to them. After an upset in the first game, Synergy came back with a 2-1 win in the Palomino 18U Championship Game at the PONY International Softball World Series.

Coach Virgil Gonzalez discussed how his team, STX Synergy, came back in the second game from their loss. He said making sure the girls had a good mindset is what helped them win the second game.

“You have to make sure they relax,” Gonzalez said.  “Even though they were down ten to zero, we just kept them cool, started joking around with them, and they started to get more motivated, and came hard the second game.”

During the first game, Diamond Legacy scored on a triple by Desiree, a single by Fayth, a single by Jenna, a double by Erica, and a single by Meagan all in the first inning. The score was 7-0 after Meagan hit a single on a fly ball to center field, letting Erica score on the throw.

Jenna toed the rubber for Diamond Legacy. She went four innings, allowing zero runs on four hits, striking out three and walking one.

At the top of the 2nd, Fayth doubled on a ground ball to the pitcher. Jersie then scored.

Makayla De La Torre, DeAnda, Dianna Guerrero, and Myla Longoria each managed one hit for STX Synergy.

Game highlights included 11 first pitch strikes by Jenna for Diamond Legacy. Legacy also tailed 11 hits overall in the game. Fayth, Jenna, Jersie, and Meagan each racked up multiple hits for Legacy.

In the second and final game, STX Energy allowed just seven hits to Diamond Legacy in the pitcher’s circle.

STX Synergy got things moving in the first inning. Laurynn DeAnda drove in two when she had the only home run of the game. Charlene DeAnda touched home making the score 2-0.

Amelia was on the rubber for Diamond Legacy. She surrendered two runs on two hits over three and a third innings, striking out three and walking one. Jenna threw two-thirds of an inning out of the bullpen.

At the top of the 4th, Jenna singled on a hard ground ball to left field. Fayth then scored making it 1-2 with Synergy ahead by one.

Natalie Trevino had 11 first pitch strikes for Synergy. They hope to be back next year for the second annual PONY International World Series Tournament.

Mexican Zone 16U & 18U Teams

The Mexican Zone 18U & 16U teams from Culiacán, Sinaloa, will play at the inaugural PONY International Softball World Series. Francisco Avila, coach from Mexico City, says his teams wanted to play at the tournament for several reasons.

“It’s a great opportunity to reflect all our efforts, knowledge, and dedication applied to the discipline of softball in the same way we raise our country Mexico with great pride.” Avila said.

Both teams have participated in 11 tournaments and placed third at PONY’s Fast Pitch World Series in Laredo, Texas, in 2018.

The Mexican 18U team has been preparing by developing their skills as well as perfecting little details in their training. The local and national tournaments they've competed in Avila says has driven them to perform an excellent role.

Some of the team’s strengths include good contact hitters and fast players who can reach first base in different ways. Unity and good attitude are also important factors.

“To stand out as a team, the plays do not come out if only one puts on their side, a rally is not done with a single hit, we all do our part to fulfill our objective satisfactorily.” Avila said.

The Mexican 18U Team hopes to get as far as possible in the tournament and be within the first four places based on last year’s results.They were champions at the National Children’s League in Zapopan, Jalisco, as well as the Mexican 16U Team.

The 16U Team has hopes of achieving the championship title representing Region III of Culiacan. They train daily, with their strengths being in the infield and outfield.

“We train hard day-by-day, practicing several moves for girls to be stronger and motivated.” Avila said.

It’s important for them to give their best effort, but also have fun during the process. Avila says that while in the U.S.  he will be at the tournament and when on free time, see Roberto Osuna pitch a game for the Houston Astros.

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